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Anadolu Medical Center, Gebze

(with REES)
The project on 200.000 m² site is to encompass a wide spectrum of health services from preventive medicine to a hospital, a step-down facility, a nursing home, as well as educational facilities and dormitories. A green area in the middle of the site enriched with water elements, serve to connect the three zones of the master plan, medical, residential and educational zones. All buildings are situated so that they have an unobstructed sea view.

The three phase project started with the 209 bed hospital which was followed by a Bone Marrow Center, and a hotel for the relatives of patients have recently been completed. The design of a Health Sciences University for 1500 students that is to include a medical school and several health science departments is already designed to be completed in a few years.


Anadolu Medical Center, Gebze


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