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EKOyapi, Istanbul

As part of the Nature-Environment Science-Society Park project, EKOyapı will be located at Istanbul Technical University's Maslak Campus.
Functions of EKOyapı:
Hosting a data bank on renewable energy sources and sustainable design.
Conducting scientific research, preparing projects and consultancy, organizing meetings and conferences.
The building itself will be a "zero energy building", so setting an example whose performance can be tracked from a distance; and will be a center for sharing information.
In designing EKOyapı the international LEED evaluation system was adopted as a guide by the project team. Green design according to the LEED definition consists of design and construction methods that eradicate the adverse effects of buildings on the environment and users.
EKOyapı has therefore been designed in accordance with the following principles:
- Sustainable Land Planning.
- Conservation of Water Resources and Efficient Water Use.
- Producing energy in situ and keeping energy consumption low and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.
- Use of Environmentally Friendly Materials and Natural Resources.
- Indoor Environment Quality.


EKOyapi, Istanbul


World Architecture Community Awards, 2008

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