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Swissôtel Izmir, The Grand Hotel Efes

(In collaboration with NBBJ)

The hotel, which was renovated as the Swissotel Grand Efes, has 406 rooms, of three different types; standard rooms, suites and king suites, and is supported by a Congress Center and a Spa. Initially designed as a beautiful example of the 1950’s international style, the renovation of the Grand Efes Hotel was prepared in a contributive and productive manner with many multinational teams working together with the use of electronic communication. Situated in a very prominent location, the hotel is one of the best-loved architectural symbols for the citizens of Izmir. It has therefore been adopted as a principle from the very beginning, that no change should be made in the character of the façade. An examination of the urban plan shows that the main block of the hotel lies on the same axis as the statue of Atatürk in Cumhuriyet (Republic) Square. It was therefore decided that the main entrance to the hotel should be moved to the central axis of the main block. The entrance hall is made transparent so as to create a visual connection with the garden at the back. This creates a link between the square, the monument and the hotel.


Swissôtel Izmir, The Grand Hotel Efes


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